Harvard Tamil Chair  
What is Tamil Chair Inc?
● Tamil Chair Inc is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization.
● A Tamil Chair at Harvard University will teach, and research in Tamil with the support of this fund.

What is the need for a Tamil Chair at Harvard?
● Tamil literature is a vast field and there are many areas which need further research. The classical languages are Tamil, Greek, Sanskrit, Latin, Hebrew, Persian, Chinese, and Hindi. Harvard already teaches all other classical languages except Tamil.
● There are many Tamils from all over the world who attend Harvard University. They want to learn Tamil; currently Harvard University teaches Tamil at a basic level. This Tamil Chair will start teaching Tamil at advanced level as well.
● Starting to teach Tamil at the oldest and most reputed Harvard University is an honor for Tamils. It will also help produce "Tamil scholars trained in modern research methodologies."

Are students interested in learning Tamil at Harvard?
● Yes, Mr. Jonathan Ripley currently teaches 29 students at Harvard. Mr. Ripley learned Tamil from Dr. Norman Cutler, University of Chicago. He also stayed in Tamil Nadu for 2.5 years to learn Tamil
● These students approached Harvard University requesting Tamil studies. Harvard hired Mr. Ripley as an instructor to teach Tamil. Currently, there is not a professorship for Tamil.
● About half a million Tamils live in North America. Harvard University has a few hundred Tamil students. From the 50 accredited Tamil schools in the U.S, many students will opt for Tamil studies if available.

How can we help the noble cause?
● Writing a check payable to “Tamil Chair Inc” is the easiest way. Paying by check makes sure 100% your donation goes to this fund. Add “Michigan Tamil Sangam” in the memo field and mail your check to the address Michigan Tamil Sangam, 29285 Chelsea Xing, Farmington Hills, MI 48331.
● You can also donate via a PayPal link from www.mitamilsangam.org/HTC to Tamil Chair Inc. In this case, a small transaction fee will go to the Paypal. The rest of your donation goes to Harvard Tamil Chair fund.
● Tamil Chair Inc. is run by volunteer board members who bear the operational costs. This effort needs a total of $6 million and so far it has raised $4.5 million. We need your support for completing this fund raising.

What is Michigan Tamil Sangam’s role?
● Michigan Tamil Sangam is coordinating and organizing fund raising events to help realize this dream.
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